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Rodger Bliss | November 23, 2016
JUNO - Rodger Bliss

Streaming now. I completed this record quickly honoring NASA’s Juno spacecraft mission. Look for it where you buy music on December 1, 2016. I had fun creating each track in my spare time generally because I could not raise my arms anymore from exhaustion. Again, this album is for meditative relaxation and is best heard on a good set of headphones.

I studied and reengineered Giorgio Moroder’s “I Feel Love” so he deserves all the credit as I pulled his work apart and made “Reddiwip Feeling” a gas.

I created Ananke based on The Meter’s “Cissy Strut”. I sampled from it and the track follows the basic structure.

I used all of my wisdom and cunning to make songs about Jupiter’s moon. Susie continues to enjoy music made with more noisy sounds. I find it difficult to wobble my bass and screech melodies. Two songs feature Michael Kreigh on guitar. He does not like his performance, but too bad. It features another performance by Michael Kreigh on guitar. I heard him playing this same chord progression while he practiced last night.

Calisto was the last cratered song to be mastered. It is forever brain wormed into Standard Orbit. This record is what happens when you use a standard template for an electronic track. I kept many of the instruments provided as I laid down my simple performances. I sure did know when these tracks were finalized. My ambient songs take me into my meditative place and I could easily have made the whole record into soundscapes. The engineering will never truly end if you let it. I know I am not good at making what I want to hear, but I hope someone enjoys this record.

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