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Rodger Bliss | February 6, 2016

Well, here is… ORBIT. I created this music in 2015. This music helped me get through a problems with a Demoness and really escape from stress in a wonderful way. I enjoy each of the tracks on this record and I hope you do too. I let the software control the way an instrument sounded on most tracks. After spending too much time on engineering, I again am mystified by the professional and how amazing songs have sounded all these years with far less than the futuristic tools of today. I am still creating music as I work on marketing. Each of these tracks are very drum forward. I focused on complexity of rhythm and at times to the detriment of the song.

So I added a political twist to a mobius. Each president is a saint of circumstance and Obama has been the poster child. I allowed poetry on my record from Mista Pushy. He was suffering through a break with a succubus and had to yell about it. Several tracks started out as a ambient track, but the moment I started to assemble a beat, the dance began. I know I can do even better, but I do not want to monkey with any of these songs, and I am ready to start on something new.

ORBIT by Rodger Bliss

So I went and made this available on Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music and you can Shazam my songs as well. It will be released on February 14th. If you have speakers you have been listening to the record on the new webpage audio player.

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