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Animation Movies

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Animation is an undertaking that takes more than average effort. Creating an animated flash movie, whether using traditional techniques or fancy action-script technology, takes hours and hours of work. Animation can be time consuming and expensive, but when I create something in flash, it can add an incredible amount of life to your project. I still always learn something new during a project.

Flash is a great medium for creating animations that can be used from web sites to TV/DVD. Adobe Photoshop CS6 has spoiled us all with its new video features. Photoshop is now my go to program of choice for video and 3D animation.

I have been using the latest tools to create the latest web animations. From simple CSS animation to full fledged HTML5 animation, I have been working with tools that bring the newest techniques to the web. Flash animation is used for movies and translation to HTML5 today. I have been updating older flash sites that find the new mobile and tablet market to powerful to neglect.

If you enjoy my flash animation examples, have some advice for how I can improve, or happen to need an animator for a project do not hesitate to send me an email.

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