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Gold Beach Oregon Artist Rodger Bliss

I have enjoyed music and art my whole life. I graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois with my bachelor of Arts in December 1990. I have also attended painting classes at Ringling College in Sarasota, Florida and worked with other artists.

I strive to show that art can be rich and dramatic. I want to show the simplicity in complexity and the beauty that is everywhere. My unique style reinforces that you see everything differently through art.

I became a very skilled computer artist during his last 3 decades of involvement in marketing and graphic design. This mastery of major software titles became instrumental to the success of my employers as well as a resource to my customers. Skill with both Macintosh and Windows platforms has allowed me to spend more time on customer service, training and the creative process.

Harbor Seal Sunrise 2023
Sweetheart Colt 2023

At a management level I have attained complete expert understanding of every aspect of the design business that was crucial to its success. I have been a team leader to all departments and developed strong interpersonal and motivational skills. I have created positions and made teams. As an Art Director, I have coordinated many profitable advertising projects for clients and my employers. I have agency experience as a owner, manager, art director, webmaster, graphic artist, account representative, production manager and project manager.

I have in the past instructed clients and my staff on computers and their programs. I also headed corporate and college level classes. I planned curriculum and projects to match my clients needs. My work as an instructor has enabled people to get ahead in their jobs and advance their understanding of computers. I was also an essential tool in training personnel the skills needed to execute their positions.

Today, my life is much different. Since my mother and father passed away, my wife Susie and I have been out on the ranch in Wyoming. I have not had much time for design and web work since we moved to the ranch. That continues today. I just plain do not have the time to bring my clients the same kind of service they came to trust. I have closed the HOSTASTICK hosting business and pushed my clients mostly to SiteGround. I split up the year between our two properties we need to maintain in Oregon and Wyoming.

My artistic abilities go beyond traditional mediums, and I have also established myself as a skilled electronic musician and illustrator.

My music creations showcase my unique style and experimental approach, characterized by ambient and ethereal soundscapes blended with glitch and electronic music. I draw inspiration from nature and incorporates sounds of water, birds, and other natural elements into my compositions, creating a harmonious blend of nature and technology. My music offers a transcendent and immersive experience that transports listeners into otherworldly realms.

Divine Guidance 2023

As an illustrator, my artistic vision is one of a kind, and my work is characterized by intricate details, vibrant colors, and a whimsical, surreal style. My illustrations evoke a sense of wonder and imagination, often showcasing fantastical landscapes, otherworldly creatures, and captivating characters. My art has graced album covers, book illustrations, and a variety of other mediums, illustrating his ability to adapt his unique style to any project.

My multifaceted artistic talents allow me to approach my work from multiple perspectives, creating a unique and multi-dimensional artistic experience for my audience. Whether I’m painting a landscape, composing a piece of music, or illustrating a book, my art is a reflection of my deep passion for creativity, and my profound connection to the natural world.

My contributions to the world of art extend far beyond my individual pieces. I feel that it’s possible to push boundaries and explore multiple mediums to express oneself fully. My art has touched the lives of many, and my contributions to the world of electronic music and illustration have made a lasting impact.

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    01. Rouge Gold

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    02. Wellspring

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    03. Moggies

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    04. Drums Like That

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    05. Unchain All

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    06. Yummy Casa Bonita

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    07. Geeksly

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    08. Lounging

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    09. Bilahari Winter

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    10. Sunflip

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    11. Dreams Like That

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