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3METAD Content Creation Case Study


3MetaD faced the challenge of creating a cohesive brand identity and visually stunning content to reflect the unique value proposition of their clients. They needed a comprehensive approach that would showcase their expertise across multiple creative domains and highlight their ability to deliver outstanding results.

Video Production

• Conducted in-depth client consultations to understand their objectives and target audience.

• Created captivating video content, including promotional videos, explainer videos, and testimonials, employing compelling storytelling techniques and high-quality visuals.

• Incorporated client branding elements, ensuring brand consistency throughout the videos.

• Optimized videos for different platforms and devices, maximizing their reach and engagement potential.


Graphic Design

• Developed creative concepts aligned with the client’s brand identity and target audience.

• Designed eye-catching visuals for various marketing collateral, such as social media posts, web pages, infographics, and videos.

• Leveraged typography, color schemes, and imagery to create visually impactful designs that conveyed key messages effectively.

• Ensuring brand consistency across all graphic design materials, reinforcing brand recognition and recall.

• Developed visual guide for both corporate and product branding

3METAD and Orc Nation Style Guides

Results Are Pending

My expertise in video work, web design, graphic design, and logo design enabled me to deliver exceptional content creation solutions to their clients. By crafting visually stunning and cohesive brand experiences, I helped 3METAD’s business stand out in their respective industries, elevating their digital presence and achieving their marketing goals. Much of this content is so new that I can only show you stuff that has been released.


To address 3MetaD’s challenge, a multi-faceted content creation strategy was implemented, leveraging my strengths in video work, web design, graphic design, and logo design. The following steps were taken to achieve the desired outcomes

Logo Design

• Conducted thorough brand analysis to understand the client’s core values, target market, and unique selling proposition.

• Designed memorable logos that captured the essence of the client’s brand identity and resonated with their target audience.

• Incorporated symbolism, typography, and color psychology to create logos that conveyed the desired brand image and established a strong visual identity for the product.

Orc Nation Logo

Web Design

• Defined their website goals, target audience, and desired user experience.

• Designed visually appealing and intuitive websites with a focus on user-friendly navigation and responsive layouts.

• Implemented custom features and functionalities to enhance user engagement, such as interactive elements, smooth transitions, and integrated multimedia.

• Ensured seamless integration of branding elements, maintaining a consistent look and feel across the website.


Orc Nation Saga

Beyond designing the Orc Nation Book and implementing it to the website, I created an animated video for each chapter.

    • cover play_circle_filled

      01. Rouge Gold

    • cover play_circle_filled

      02. Wellspring

    • cover play_circle_filled

      03. Moggies

    • cover play_circle_filled

      04. Drums Like That

    • cover play_circle_filled

      05. Unchain All

    • cover play_circle_filled

      06. Yummy Casa Bonita

    • cover play_circle_filled

      07. Geeksly

    • cover play_circle_filled

      08. Lounging

    • cover play_circle_filled

      09. Bilahari Winter

    • cover play_circle_filled

      10. Sunflip

    • cover play_circle_filled

      11. Dreams Like That

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