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Beach Day by Rodger Bliss
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Beach Day

Rodger Bliss | September 1, 2018

Beach Day needs to be released. I will keep working on it if I don’t put it out there. It is still raw but I learned so much creating this record. I learned how to play old songs and make them into something new. This record does not have a […]

Lack Thereof by Rodger Bliss

Lack Thereof

Rodger Bliss | July 21, 2018

Lack Thereof is the other EP I completed in my spare time. It is a bit of a departure from my other records, but it still retains my electronic roots. Making happy sounding songs is waaay harder than scary dark trippy songs. All for fun, all good and I am […]

Rodger Bliss - Care

Care EP

Rodger Bliss | July 5, 2018

I have completed a small dub project. I did this while on little breaks from taking care of my dad. I have been doing this since my mothers passing. It has been difficult at times. My love of dub has really made me enjoy this time creating. I hope you […]


JUNO - Rodger Bliss


Rodger Bliss | November 23, 2016

Streaming now. I completed this record quickly honoring NASA’s Juno spacecraft mission. Look for it where you buy music on December 1, 2016. I had fun creating each track in my spare time generally because I could not raise my arms anymore from exhaustion. Again, this album is for meditative […]

PHATTY by Rodger Bliss


Rodger Bliss | July 9, 2016

This record represents downtime while I work on marketing three houses for sale. My exhaustion led to me sitting here at my computer and relaxing with my new moog SUB PHATTY subtractive analog synthesizer. The result was a far more ambient way of approaching the song. Letting meditation be the […]



Rodger Bliss | February 6, 2016

Well, here is… ORBIT. I created this music in 2015. This music helped me get through a problems with a Demoness and really escape from stress in a wonderful way. I enjoy each of the tracks on this record and I hope you do too. I let the software control […]

nom nom

nom nom

Rodger Bliss | January 26, 2015

nom nom Once again I present some music I created for some video work. The first track “urbania” was used in an advertisement for 510 Threads. The production got me hooked on music engineering once again. There are several others that are short and ready for 30 second spots. “fun […]

A Concise Introduction to Logic

A Concise Introduction To Logic

Rodger Bliss | July 10, 2014

So I started using Logic when I was assigned a video project. I edited together some stock video footage and I needed a soundtrack. I tried to open my favorite music program and it was not working with the newest version of OS Mavericks. So I upgraded to the latest […]

Ambient Gardens

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